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Finding a good butcher in Singapore can be tricky. If your on the look out for a butcher who sells premium imported meats, fruit, vegetables and speciality groceries, then look no further than Huber’s Butchery. Yesterday Huber’s unveiled it’s beautiful new premises. Centrally located at 22 Dempsey Road, Dempsey Hill, its a lovely large space set over 2 floors. The top floor is dedicated to deli meats, fresh pastas and sauces, an impressive cheese cabinet, fresh breads, speciality groceries and a huge selection of Huber’s yummy biscuits and shortbreads. The ground floor is where you will find the enormous meat counter, a big space for the fruit and veg, bottles and bottles of wine, beer and other spirits, more speciality groceries and the freezer section. I’m a long time Huber’s customer so I was pretty familiar with the old store. Below I have taken a look at what is the same and what is new at Hubers!

What’s the Same

If your a long time Huber’s customer, then you will be comforted by the fact that all the things you loved about Huber’s, you will find in the new store!

The Meat Counter

The large meat counter is the heart of the store, just as it was in the old store. It’s still helpfully broken into sections for beef, lamb, poultry and BBQ and marinated poultry and meat to make shopping simple and easy.

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Hubers Butchery Meat

The Service

For me, what sets Huber’s apart is the service. The staff are always willing to chop meat up as requested or bag meat into your desired portions so it is ready to cook immediately or freeze. This helpful service just makes things a lot easier for me when I get the food back home to store or prepare.

The Fruit and Vegetables

The fantastic selection of mostly Australian fruit and vegetables can also be found in the new store, but now they are all together in a bigger space, which again just makes shopping even easier.

Hubers Butchery Fruit and Vegetables

Speciality Groceries

The vast selection of speciality groceries, fresh bread and shortbreads and cheese still remains and if anything, looks like it is set to become even more vast. With more shelf space on offer, I suspect Huber’s will have the room to add to its already impressive selection of fine food grocery items.

Hubers Butchery Groceries

Whats New and Improved

The New Dining Space

The new dining space is larger and more versatile than the old store. There is an option to dine inside in air-conditioning as well as two separate outdoor spaces. One space is covered by an awning while the other space is open air. I suspect that there will be some shade structures or umbrellas going in to the currently open air space as it looked a tad on the warm side! The dining space looks onto a lovely tiered reflection pond and landscaped space which is a big improvement on the carpark view at the old store. There is also a coffee machine which I think will be a big hit because of what Huber’s have installed next to the dining space!

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The Playground

Attention all mummies!!!! There is a new hot spot in town for coffee and play time. Huber’s have not only installed a playground within sight of it’s new dining space, they have installed a playground that is fenced, shaded and is a place kids will actually want to play in! It’s a really, really good playground and it will draw family diners in their droves. I will definitely be taking my kiddos to test it out on the weekend.

Hubers Butchery playground

The Parking

I know you might think I’m crazy for including this as its own highlighted point, but plentiful free parking in Singapore is a rare thing, so when you come across it, well its worth mentioning! The parking lot is much larger than the parking at the old store. It’s easy to navigate and right on the doorstep of the store. When you visit Huber’s several times a week like I do, convenient parking is a huge plus.

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All in all, this is a great new addition to Dempsey Hill which I am sure will be a great success for the Huber’s team!



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