Easy Three Day Detox Diet – Wrap Up

detox diet

So last week my husband and I did a three day detox diet. I wanted to share all the recipes in one place and also add my thoughts about this particular diet.

There were a lot of positives to this plan, the first being that it was a plan! It makes it so easy to follow when all the meals for each day are laid out for you and you don’t need to think about what you will be eating next. I wish there was a plan like this for every week! I loved that this diet did not cut out carbohydrates altogether. In a perfect world, for weight loss, carbs would go, but I find the days too long to live totally without carbs. This plan showed how to limit the carbs in a day so that they don’t become an enemy. I also found the plan easy to adapt when it didn’t suit to cook something or I didn’t like what was on offer.

On the negative side, I think that for real ‘weight loss’ the calorie count per day was a little on the high side. Also, it requires you to be really organised and be making sure you have things ready the night before for the next day. The recipes are not at all hard to cook, but it’s just a matter of making sure you have all the ingredients and things cooked and ready for the next meal.

Overall, 3 days is obviously not really enough to make a significant difference to your weight, but this was an easy way to get started on a path to healthier eating. My husband and I felt really great after doing it and it has made us want to continue with lighter eating. We think we will try to do this type of meal planning and eating for at least 3 or 4 days of every week, which if we can stick to it, will lead to a far healthier diet for us both!

Click on the links below for all the recipes!

Day One -Detox Diet

Day Two – Detox Diet

Day Three – Detox Diet


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