A Helping Hand – Cookbook in English and Tagalog

A Helping HandFor mother’s day, my husband gave me a copy of the new cookbook, A Helping Hand, written by English expat Frog Michaels. I had heard about this book so was very excited to get my mits on it and have a good look through it. In a nutshell, this is a book with a great variety of recipes written in both English and Tagalog.

There are a few cookbooks written by expats doing the rounds at the moment, but I think this one really offers a lot that the others don’t. It’s a book that has been really well thought out, planned and executed. It’s beautifully styled and put together. And of course it hasĀ great practical features, recipes in English and Tagalog and a great food glossary with pictures, a particularly well thought out part of the book I thought.

I loved that this book had loads of recipes for things that my family and I really want to eat on a regular basis. It’s so disappointing to get a cookbook that has lots of recipes that just aren’t practical for everyday life. I also loved that it contained recipes with a distinct English flavour as well as recipes with a distinct Singaporean flavour. The author has managed to find a great balance between western and Asian food.

The kids section had lots of great meal ideas. Below is the kids carbonara that I made for my daughter and it was a big success! I mean bacon and pasta, how can you go wrong!

A Helping Hand

Overall, I think this is a terrific cookbook with recipes that are genuinely achievable for helpers to prepare. It also has a really good mix of recipes, so you will genuinely find something for everyone!


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  • Frog Michaels

    Thanks so much for your lovely review of A Helping Hand. We’re so pleased you like your book and are glad it can provide lots of hassle-free meals for all occasions, from dinner parties to packed lunches! x

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